In The News

Jeff Leibow shares personal mission

Jeff Leibow recently appeared on Good Morning Washington to raise awareness for neurofibromatosis.

Live life to the fullest

The trophies and scars Leah Manth has collected during her lifetime aren’t just rewards for participating in sports.

NF found in 15th century

A Renaissance painting in Mantua, Italy contains the portrait of a maidservant with neurofibromatosis.

Learning to love yourself

As a teenager, her mother told her, “Only someone kind would want to be with you.” Then, in her early 20s, Janet Miller began to notice small bumps on her skin.

Why this boy chose not to have his facial tumors removed

Ethan D’Amato was born with a number of facial tumors, but he chose to not have them removed rather than risk losing his ability to smile and laugh.


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